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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Timepiece is a heavy hitter

- The latest Richard Mille x Rafa Nadal

Tennis great Rafa Nadal has long-since secured his place in the very highest echelons of the sport’s pantheon thanks to an aggressive, allaction style that has seen him capture 21 Grand Slam titles.

Rather curiously, throughout his career, his hard-hitting on-court game has often been accompanie­d by a Richard

Mille timepiece strapped to his wrist—which speaks volumes for quality and durability of a timepiece constantly placed in rather testing conditions.

The relationsh­ip between watchmaker and watchweare­r has been a fruitful one, as evidenced by the latest addition to the RM 035 collection (also known as ‘the Rafa Nadal collection’), the new RM 35-03 Automatic Rafa Nadal.

The fourth installmen­t of the collection, the piece debuts a new movement that Richard Mille is calling

“The Butterfly Effect”—thanks to the RM 35-03’s automatic butterfly rotor that the allows the wearer to directly interact with the rotor’s geometry, controllin­g the movement’s winding speed based on their lifestyle and activity levels.

How does it do this? Well, simply by the push of a button. On the RM 35-03, the rotor geometry can be adjusted with the pusher located at 7 o’clock. It allows the wearer to toggle between Sport Mode and Normal Mode, with the former blocking the rotor during “strenuous activity”—like mountain biking, or skydiving, or returning one of Nadal’s cross-court backhands, for example.

 ?? ?? The RM 35-03 comes in both blue and white Tpt-cased versions, approx AED800,000.
The RM 35-03 comes in both blue and white Tpt-cased versions, approx AED800,000.

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