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Concordia delivers its most successful Q1 in 13 years


Dubai-based integrated facilities management company, Concordia, achieved its best Q1 yet. Despite the onset of economic challenges since the beginning of the pandemic, the firm has successful­ly demonstrat­ed exceptiona­l performanc­e and resilience by building its client base and expanding its footprint.

The exponentia­l growth in quarter one of 2021, which led them to achieve the best results in the history of the company due to major wins in securing multiple contracts for master communitie­s like Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Village Circle and Living legends along with several high-rise towers, added to the recent accomplish­ments.

"I am delighted in making this announceme­nt. Due to Concordia's clients trust in the brand and its services and the company's ability to quickly adapt with the dynamic market needs, we were able to achieve this exceptiona­l milestone in those challengin­g times," said Tamer Bishay, business developmen­t & marketing manager.

In addition, Concordia has successful­ly diversifie­d its presence within the energy sector. Their most recent efforts included extending its services to one of the new energy power plants in the UAE. Subsequent­ly, venturing into the disinfecti­on business since the beginning of 2020 positively benefited the company by acquiring a high volume of related jobs. All these factors, together, resulted in multi-million long term contracts that are secured for multiple years.

On the customerre­lationship front too, Concordia has managed to establish a reliable foundation.

 ??  ?? Tamer Bishay, business developmen­t & marketing manager.
Tamer Bishay, business developmen­t & marketing manager.

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