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The 2nd annual FM Conference is gaining momentum in tackling some serious issues

- RAJIV RAVINDRAN PILLAI About the author Rajiv Ravindran Pillai is the editor of Facilities Management Middle East.

As was announced at the Facilities Management Middle East awards, we plan to have our 2nd FM Conference on 30 September 2021, which will be a physical event. This iteration of FM Conference will focus on the ambiguity associated with FM tenders and the process of winning the right ones. Also, there is an intrinsic need for FM firms to have FM-specific contract templates. We also tackle the subject of worker welfare and what it really means. Are most FM contracts based on constructi­on templates? Isn’t it time to introduce FMspecific contract templates that protect the rights of both parties?

Another discussion that the conference will focus is on education and training of FM personnel, which is something that should be ongoing in the FM space.

The world of FM tenders and contracts is elusive. We aim to understand tendering for facilities management contracts. What are the process and challenges and where to find good FM tenders and what lacks in this region?

Also we plan to broach the topic on worker welfare and what does it really mean – there is often a misunderst­anding of what workers welfare stands for and what it really looks like.

We also will talk about training in FM. Training of the FM industry is still more focused on technical training whereas dealing with end users require other skills such as communicat­ion, cultural awareness, grooming. How adept are personnel in handling new technology and how can the FM industry educate employees in adopting the use of technology? Has the pandemic driven FM firms to provide more technology training? Also, the inclusion of People of Determinat­ion (POD) in our society lacks awareness and education. How can FM educate and include POD into the workforce and as part of the employment team?

As we gain more momentum towards the lead up to the conference, we want to reach out to you with similar or more pressing issues to address in the FM sector. All of us make this ethos of FM community and with more serious discussion­s, there can be more progress.

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