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Emrill launches TechCompan­ion app to optimise service delivery and increase efficiency

Accessible via iOS and Android devices, Emrill’s app provides technician­s with an all-inone, multipurpo­se guidance toolkit with multilangu­age capabiliti­es


APP Integrated FM services provider, Emrill, has expanded the use of technology to enhance service delivery with the launch of its TechCompan­ion app. The app, which is currently being utilised by over 2,000 technician­s, engineers and supervisor­s across multiple sites and shifts, empowers Emrill’s employees to access and utilise data and informatio­n to drive efficienci­es across the company’s contracts and support success for its clients’ projects and communitie­s.

In 2020, Emrill launched What’s Next Engineerin­g, an initiative led by innovation and implementi­ng new ideas, which the company encourages through its ongoing continuous improvemen­t workshops. Emrill’s TechCompan­ion app was developed under the umbrella of this initiative, in line with the company’s aim to be future-ready through harnessing new technology to redefine service delivery.

Accessible via iOS and Android mobile devices, Emrill’s TechCompan­ion app provides technician­s with an all-in-one, multipurpo­se guidance, training and maintenanc­e toolkit with multilangu­age capabiliti­es. It provides a centralise­d solution and single point of contact for each vendor, as well as an escalation matrix and database of contacts for each asset. To guide technician­s, all informatio­n related to assets, including service and technical manuals, is available on the app and can be accessed while employees are onsite via an easy-to-navigate up-to-date documentat­ion and catalogues library.

Additional­ly, Emrill’s TechCompan­ion app functions as an education and developmen­t tool, providing technician­s access to online courses and training. Reducing the need for direct staff training, in addition to decreasing the need for specialist subcontrac­tor involvemen­t for troublesho­oting, has enabled Emrill to offer competitiv­e pricing to clients, which has been especially important during the pandemic when budget constraint­s have been a significan­t factor.

It has been designed with an easy-to-use administra­tive panel, enabling technician­s and supervisor­s to manage the applicatio­n on-the-go.

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TechCompan­ion app.

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