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EcoFlow launches portable power stations

The engineers at EcoFlow equipped the RIVER portable power station with a handy 288Wh Battery Capacity


EcoFlow expanded into the Middle East with its DELTA Max range to create a revolution­ary disruption in how people consume power.

With their renewable power solutions that make an industrial amount of power accessible to consumers, EcoFlow is set to recharge their customers lives as the season for outdoor activities approaches. Whether you are camping in the great outdoors or hiking, EcoFlow’s portable power stations are the ideal solution for stress-free off-grid adventures.

Commenting on EcoFlow’s product durability for outdoor activities, Thomas Chen, R&D Director at EcoFlow, said “With the help of our pioneers at EcoFlow, we successful­ly curated one stop shop devices that cater to everyone’s needs. Our products are powerful, sustainabl­e, and are perfect for all outdoor activities. One station can power an entire RV whilst remaining durable and dust resistant. Our products allow to freely explore, wander and sit back.”

EcoFlow offers a wide range of solutions designed to suit different consumer needs and lifestyles. Starting with the EcoFlow RIVER, a portable power station meticulous­ly designed for outdoor usage. The EcoFlow RIVER uses the market-leading X-stream and is engineered for fast recharging time to maximize usage efficiency, allowing for effortless transport, and access to power anywhere utilizing the solar & car charging.

The engineers at EcoFlow equipped the RIVER portable power station with a handy 288Wh Battery Capacity, which enables the generator to power devices up to 1800W using the X-Boost technology and is compatible with 80% of essential devices. The generator’s battery capacity can easily be expanded from 288Wh to 576Wh by integratin­g with an extra battery.

Following the success of EcoFlow RIVER, the engineers developed EcoFlow RIVER Max, the expanded version of RIVER.

 ?? ?? EcoFlow’s portable power stations .
EcoFlow’s portable power stations .

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