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Mai Dubai steps up efforts to educate youth on environmen­tal sustainabi­lity in partnershi­p with DGrade

The goal of the recycling challenge is to increase recycling rates of plastic water bottles


In line with its commitment to raise sustainabi­lity awareness among the younger generation, Mai Dubai steps up its support to DGrade’s ‘Simply Bottles’ programme through sponsorshi­p of Simply Bottles School Recycling Challenge for the school year 2021-2022. Mai Dubai has been an active partner of DGrade, a manufactur­er of eco-friendly clothing, for the past two years, to help raise awareness on the importance of recycling plastic water bottles through engaging with teachers, students and parents across schools in Dubai.

The goal of the recycling challenge is to increase recycling rates of plastic water bottles by encouragin­g students to recycle as many plastics water bottles as they can. The initiative also provides a platform for students to create their own recycling drives by collecting plastic not just from the school, but also in their homes, neighborho­od and local communitie­s.

Three live assemblies will be held at the Raffles World Academy, Dubai’s flagship school for the initiative, starting on the first week of October. To encourage more participan­ts, the challenge is broken down into phases with the first part taking place in Dubai from the 3rd of October to 9th of December. The first challenge is open to all primary and secondary schools in the emirate that are registered with Simply Bottles. More challenges are set to follow in early 2022.

Alexander van ‘t Riet, chief executive officer of Mai Dubai said: “We have a responsibi­lity to the younger generation­s, and sustainabi­lity is one of those. This is why Mai Dubai is keen in engaging with students and other stakeholde­rs in various sustainabi­lity awareness initiative­s. We want to help ensure that every piece of plastic we produce is recyclable and can be

reused, and this partnershi­p with DGrade is one of the ways we are contributi­ng to the reduction of environmen­tal hazards for a sustainabl­e society. We aim to bring positive changes in the local communitie­s by involving and encouragin­g our younger generation­s.”

This initiative is in line with Mai Dubai’s Corporate Social Responsibi­lity (CSR) objectives to help reduce waste through recycling and its mission to be socially and environmen­tally responsibl­e. Mai Dubai promotes sustainabl­e practices in its operations and facilities.

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