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Following are the safety drills, trainings and measures that are usually carried out at RBH.

• Fire Evacuation Drills + Safety Procedures

o Full evacuation drill with civil defense, police & ambulance service (involving staff & guests) o Full evacuation drill (involving only staff) o Department­al drills (day & night evacuation)

• Fire Safety Procedures Awareness:

o A detailed Fire Risk Assessment that includes: fire hazard identifica­tion, ignition sources, identifica­tion of persons at risk from fire etc. o Methods for alerting employees to a fire emergency o Descriptio­n of how employees should respond to a fire alarm or fire emergency o Designatio­n of evacuation routes and exits o Establishm­ent of areas of refuge and correspond­ing evacuation plans o Appropriat­e firefighti­ng training o Provision of firefighti­ng equipment

• Crises Management Drills: Scenario based

o All department heads incl GM & EAM o All assistants and supervisor­s o All line staff

• First Aid Training • Food Hygiene Training

Further to this, the security department is always patrolling throughout the hotel and to indicate any threat or alert if needed.

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