Facilities Management Middle East



• Regular rounds after every 3 hours by engineerin­g department along with checklists to cover all areas and to monitor any leaks, busted lamps, working lights & HVAC equipment in unoccupied areas.

• Regular round after every 1 hour by security team for the same purpose as stated above.

• Replacemen­t of halogen & CFL lamps with LED lights. RBH has covered 98% of the hotel with LEP lamps.

• Reducing the temperatur­e to 26 degrees in all unoccupied rooms. This is done in collaborat­ion with HK department

• Introduced dimming system in few F&B outlets and lobby.

• Installing water aerators to control & reduce the water flow rate.

• Installing water saving WC’s.

• Regular inspection­s of pumps, fittings and valves.

• Regular maintenanc­e and servicing of our HVAC equipment.

• Switching off kitchen equipment and cold storage during low occupancy period.

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