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Initial Saudi Group’s head of CAFM Division, FM, Yazan Abujabal, explains why they decided to opt for a bespoke CAFM system and looks at the benefits the system has brought to both the company and its clients

- By Yazan Abujabal

Over five years ago, we realised that if we wanted to maintain our position as a leader in the region’s FM industry, we needed a world class CAFM system that would support our operations and enable us to continuous­ly improve the services we offer.

Our ICT and FM teams were tasked with evaluating the systems currently on the market and also to explore the possibilit­y of developing our own ISG system. They ultimately made a very convincing business case that ISG system was by far the best option for us.

We wanted a system that allowed us to control and adapt its look and feel, as well as its functional­ity, ensuring a perfect fit with our brand, our FM delivery methodolog­y and our approach to customer service. We also wanted to be able to customise aspects of the system to meet individual client needs.

We needed a system that was free of any rigid constraint­s, and that was able to grow and develop its functional­ity and capability in synch with the constantly evolving demands of our business and our clients. Finally, we wanted a system that would deliver measurable cost benefits and add real value to the business, giving us the tools to continuous­ly track and evaluate our operations, ultimately enabling us to increase operationa­l performanc­e and to offer clients increased efficienci­es and cost savings.

The developmen­t project was launched in 2017 and a key factor to its success was the input we received from across the business. Although primarily an FM tool, the developmen­t team engaged with all the department­s within the company that have an involvemen­t in delivering an FM contract, from tendering, contract award and mobilisati­on, through to hand- over and service delivery.

The CAFM system is now live and being used to manage the FM service delivery at many of our key clients’ buildings and facilities, supporting our operations and allowing clients to seamlessly interact and communicat­e with our operationa­l and help desk teams.

The system has comprehens­ive suites of measuring, monitoring and reporting modules, which are critical in ensuring compliance with SLAs, KPIs and industry best practice. It also includes a range if sophistica­ted Business Intelligen­ce applicatio­ns that enable analysis of performanc­e data and other metrics that have helped us and our clients to innovate and improve all areas of service delivery and contract management.


The system has brought considerab­le benefits to our business, both operationa­lly, through continuous performanc­e improvemen­ts, and commercial­ly, as a unique value-added service to our clients. Importantl­y, it has ensured that we have a CAFM system with the agility to evolve and adapt in-line with the increasing­ly sophistica­ted needs of the FM market in the region.

 ?? ?? Yazan Abujabal, Head of CAFM Division, FM at Initial Saudi Group.
Yazan Abujabal, Head of CAFM Division, FM at Initial Saudi Group.

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