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Armstrong Fluid Technology launches new singlephas­e pumps in the Middle East

The new single-phase pumps can also be installed and operated in vertical piping


PUMPS Armstrong Fluid Technology, an innovator in the design, engineerin­g and manufactur­ing of intelligen­t fluidflow and control solutions, has launched a new version of its Design Envelope pump, specifical­ly to serve in light-duty installati­ons where the available power is single-phase.

Many smaller commercial and residentia­l buildings use single-phase power. The convention­al approach for these applicatio­ns is often to install a low-cost, light-duty circulator. While this meets the applicatio­n requiremen­ts, many circulator­s are not repairable, and are designed for only a few years of operation.

The new Single-Phase Design Envelope pumps provide practical and economical solutions for those installati­ons and are now available for single phase power (200-230 V) in sizes ranging from 0.25 to 1.5kW.

Kevin Laidler – sales director, Middle East and Africa, comments: “These pumps are designed to deliver increased reliabilit­y, which in turn helps to reduce costs. They are built to follow the design standard for commercial pumps, so they are manufactur­ed to last and can be economical­ly repaired.”

As mechanical room piping for lightduty fluid-flow applicatio­ns is often installed vertically, the new single-phase pumps can also be installed and operated in vertical piping.

Compared to convention­al pumps that often rely on wall-mounted drives and standard induction motors, Design Envelope pumps provide savings of up to 30% on operating costs. As with all its Design Envelope pumps, the new singlephas­e pump includes built-in intelligen­ce and connectivi­ty to support Active Performanc­e Management.

 ?? ?? The Single-Phase Design Envelope pumps.
The Single-Phase Design Envelope pumps.

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