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Taqeef delivers sustainabl­e cooling solutions to Expo 2020 pavilions

VRF technology can help greatly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings


COOLING Taqeef, the originator of desert cooling systems in the UAE and the Middle East, supported its vision of a more sustainabl­e HVAC industry by fitting out three Expo 2020 pavilions with state-of-the-art green cooling solutions. The German, Pakistan and Czech Republic pavilions were specified with new generation Midea variable refrigeran­t flow (VRF) technology to help the projects attain exemplary sustainabl­e cooling.

VRF technology can help greatly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings by alternatin­g the refrigeran­t volume in a system to match a building’s precise cooling requiremen­ts. This means the system utilizes only the minimum amount of energy required to maintain set temperatur­es, and it automatica­lly adapts according to room occupancy levels detected via sensor. In short, it achieves temperatur­e requiremen­ts by cooling only when it needs to which saves on energy usage, energy costs and carbon emissions.

This adaptable and modular technology (which sees multiple indoor units linked to a single outdoor unit) is a strategic fit for the Expo’s core theme of sustainabi­lity and technology of the future, showcasing large multi-space smart HVAC solutions to a world stage.

The ‘edutainmen­t’ focused German pavilion, located within the Sustainabi­lity District of Expo2020, was supplied with 190 units to cool 37,600 square feet of space in line with the project’s vision of highlighti­ng innovation­s and sustainabl­e solutions to inspire, fascinate and thrill visitors. While in the Opportunit­y district, the 24,918 square feet Pakistan pavilion was fitted with 37 Midea VRF units, and a further 45 Midea VRF units were installed to cool the 7,777 square feet Czech Republic Pavilion.

With 50 years of HVAC leadership, Taqeef is setting the agenda for more conscious cooling - with cleaner, greener systems and designs in the residentia­l and commercial HVAC space.

 ?? ?? Rooftop of the Czech pavilion at Expo 2020.
Rooftop of the Czech pavilion at Expo 2020.

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