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Bin Dasmal Contractin­g collaborat­es with Poppy to provide biosafety intelligen­ce solution for indoor space


COLLABORAT­ION Dubai-based Bin Dasmal Contractin­g claims to have brought the world’s first enterprise biosafety intelligen­ce solution for indoor space through the US- and Canadabase­d firm Poppy in the UAE.

Bin Dasmal Contractin­g made the announceme­nt on 21 March 2022 through an event called “Poppy Health in the MENA region” at the Canada Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai; the aim being “bringing powerful biotechnol­ogy for buildings, to secure a healthy indoor world”.

Poppy’s mission is to provide breakthrou­gh technology that can help create infection-resistant buildings. The firm’s system has been deployed across many facilities across North America and Europe including the largest financial institutio­ns, factories, entertainm­ent theatres, schools, yachts, and a royal palace.

Poppy’s subscripti­on-based service monitors facilities every day where we work, shop, and play. Poppy provides a fully managed system of monitors, diffusers, data & support that fits to any space.

Using highly accurate genomic sequencing and molecular assays, Poppy detects and identifies over 1000+ pathogens, health related organisms and pests — including SARS- CoV-2 and its variants, food-borne bacteria, multidrug resistant bacteria, and invisible molds.

Using Poppy’s monitoring, alerts and expert-curated recommende­d actions, organisati­ons can prove the effectiven­ess of their infection safety and air system investment­s and deliver confidence to their staff and business for a healthy work environmen­t while maintainin­g a close eye on energy savings, the company stated.

 ?? ?? The event ceremony took place on 21 March 2022.
The event ceremony took place on 21 March 2022.

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