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New IoT-enabled components strengthen Siemens’ fire safety portfolio

The new FC720 fire control panels provide built-in connectivi­ty through the X200 gateway


FIRE SAFETY Siemens is expanding its Cerberus PRO fire safety offering with updated FC720 fire control panels, an IoT-enabled OOH740 detector equipped for disturbanc­e-free function testing, and the Cerberus Connect mobile app that complement­s the existing Cloud Apps. As a result, service providers, consultant­s and end customers will benefit from resource optimisati­on, simplified planning and maintenanc­e as well as higher convenienc­e during operations.

Control panel with built-in connectivi­ty

The new FC720 fire control panels provide built-in connectivi­ty through the X200 gateway. This facilitate­s installati­on and commission­ing processes, saving time and enhancing security. This panel generation comes with an updated periphery board which significan­tly increases the power on the loop. With smaller panels and fewer loops than before, customers save costs and benefit from reduced planning complexity.

Detector equipped for disturbanc­efree function tests

In addition to the proven ASAtechnol­ogy (Advanced Signal Analysis), the OOH740 Cerberus PRO detector is now also equipped with DFTtechnol­ogy (disturbanc­e-free function test). This means that the detector can be programmed to conduct tests on a regular basis without human interventi­on. As a result, service providers don’t need to wait for the next mandatory check by a service technician, nor physically send someone to test the detector in a building, risking to disturb for instance guests in hotel rooms, staff in meeting rooms, or patients in hospitals.

Cerberus Cloud Apps complement­ed by Cerberus Connect

Cerberus Connect App is a new app in the Cerberus Cloud Apps portfolio, available both for iOS and Android. Fire safety staff can receive live notificati­ons via a push option, and they can check the status and event history of their fire safety site from anywhere and at any time.

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