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Wilo’s high-efficiency pumps reduce electricit­y consumptio­n to a total of 1.77 terawatt-hours

The company set its 2025 goals which include reduction of carbon emissions by 50 million tonnes


PUMPS Wilo, one of the world’s manufactur­ers of pumps and pump systems, has been making significan­t milestones in its sustainabi­lity strategies through deploying innovative pumps to increase the efficiency and contribute to energy usage reduction. With the implementa­tion of high-performanc­e pumps in its projects across the globe, Wilo has reduced power consumptio­n by 1.77 terawatt-hours (TWh) in total.

Recently, the company set its 2025 goals which include reduction of carbon emissions by 50 million tonnes, achieve climate-neutral production across all its sites, and to save 1.8 terawatt-hours in energy per year through utilisatio­n of higheffici­ency pumps.

Wilo, a recipient of the renowned German sustainabi­lity award for climate transforma­tion, has been increasing its sustainabl­e solutions in a bid to achieve its recent commitment to the Business Ambition for 1.5 °C and be carbon neutral by 2050. As pump solutions provider, the company acknowledg­es that water sector entails higher consumptio­n of electricit­y. However, innovation in pumps can cut energy consumptio­n and will help building operators reduce cost.

The company points out that new innovative pumps utilise much less electricit­y than previous models and replacing old technology with new, highly efficient pumps is more economical than maintainin­g old ones. Pump technology have made significan­t innovation­s in terms of energy efficiency and reliabilit­y, including digital innovation­s and electronic­ally controlled systems.

Along with its expansion plans in the MENA region, Wilo also commits to delivering sustainabl­e solutions and contributi­ng to the regional climate change goals. The company seeks to increase utilisatio­n of high-efficiency pumps in its projects and operations in the region to significan­tly lessen the carbon footprint of water consumptio­n.

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