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Corys Piping Systems signs regional partnershi­p agreement with Molecor for PVC-O pipes

PVC- O pipes present several advantages both in terms of quality of the product and its mechanical properties


PIPES As part of its growth strategy across MEA, Corys Piping Systems, manufactur­ers of Hepworth, recently signed an agreement with Spanish company Molecor, for its innovative PVC-O pipes. PVC-O offer tremendous benefits in terms of cost, jointing technology, high levels of durability and extremely long lifetime, backed by a 50year guarantee.

PVC-O pipes are exclusivel­y developed with Molecor innovative technology, which provides maximum molecular orientatio­n. Furthermor­e, Molecor, in its continuous R&D process, has created an exclusive system for the manufactur­e of highly efficient oriented PVC fittings with which the company is able to produce these products with the highest of mechanical properties.

Speaking on the occasion, Maged Makar, general manager Oman and regional director of new business developmen­t of Corys Piping Systems said: “We are delighted to sign this agreement with Molecor to offer our customers a product that is sustainabl­e and environmen­tally friendly across its lifecycle, from production through to installati­on, use and even beyond to recycling and re-use.”

Emphasisin­g the reasons for Corys Piping Systems selection of this technology, Maged added that the new technology compliment­s the company’s vision; it offers significan­t advantages in terms of hydraulic efficienci­es, long-term performanc­e as well as total installed cost savings thanks to its simple push fit installati­on technique and light weight structure.

Molecular orientatio­n, PVC-O pipes present several advantages both in terms of quality of the product and its mechanical properties. The molecular orientatio­n principle of the polymeric chains results in much improved impact resistance and reduced crack propagatio­n while improving the pipe strength and fatigue resistance.

 ?? ?? The signing cermony.
The signing cermony.

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