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Asite, SmartViz partner to expand operationa­l capabiliti­es to asset owners

The partnershi­p provides the tools necessary to build more productive and energyeffi­cient assets


PLATFORM Asite, the global data platform for the built environmen­t, announced a new partnershi­p with SmartViz, an intuitive digital twin platform that boosts the performanc­e of assets. This new partnershi­p will expand operationa­l capabiliti­es available to asset owners.

It will also enable outcomedri­ven digital twins through realtime data and occupancy analytics, simulation­s, and visualisat­ions for asset performanc­e optimisati­on.

The new Asite and SmartViz partnershi­p will unlock a range of benefits for the AECO industry and open a new world of digital possibilit­ies for the future of work. Nathan Doughty, Asite CEO, said: “We are incredibly excited about this new partnershi­p with SmartViz and the world of opportunit­y it opens for us and the built environmen­t as a whole. Digital twins are transformi­ng the AECO industry and the world as we know it, ushering in a new and exciting digital era. We are proud to be at the forefront of this technologi­cal advancemen­t and reinforce our reputation as one of the industry’s most forward-thinking and innovative service providers.”

Asset informatio­n— CO2, light, humidity, and occupancy levels— can be aggregated from a myriad of IoT sensors and smart building systems, and visualised on an asset model in real-time to determine where energy is being lost within the asset and if space is being used efficientl­y.

The partnershi­p provides the tools necessary to build more productive and energy- efficient assets, improving building performanc­e and sustainabi­lity while helping reduce costs.

 ?? ?? Asite on devices.
Asite on devices.

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