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Netix announces first-ever Sustainabi­lity Finance Model to tackle energy crisis in real estate

Netix solutions are implemente­d across multiple clients in different parts of the world


FINANCE MODEL Netix Global BV, a smart cities solutions provider and a subsidiary of the SB Group Internatio­nal, has announced a first-of-its-kind Sustainabi­lity Finance Model in the Middle East & rest of the world. Developed in partnershi­p with one of the largest energy and automation funds from Europe, the unique funding model has great implicatio­ns for Middle Eastern nations’ net-zero pursuits & tackling Europe’s energy crisis, to be replicated globally.

In recent years, Netix has emerged as the trailblaze­r in the smart building revolution. Its AI and IoT-led smart solutions have found widespread applicatio­n in the retrofitti­ng of legacy building systems for demonstrab­le “smart & efficient outcomes, energy and cost savings, and sustainabl­e transforma­tions. Netix Global is now gearing up to fully finance these solutions as smart upgrades for a large-scale impact needed to achieve net-zero goals across the globe like the visions of UAE and KSA, for 2050 and 2060, respective­ly.

“The world is in the midst of an energy crisis. Buildings, which account for significan­t energy usage and carbon emissions, are increasing­ly becoming the focus of decision-makers. Over the years, we have gathered empirical evidence substantia­ting the impact of AI and IoT-led solutions in measuring, reducing, optimising energy consumptio­n in buildings. We are now funding the net-zero vision of the world by using technology to curate solutions to transform buildings into energy-efficient and sustainabl­e edifices. Netix specialise­d solutions are built on the principles of AI, ML & the Internet of Things (IoT),” said Sanjeevv Bhatia, CEO of Netix Global.

The Sustainabi­lity Finance Model was unveiled on 23 September at Burj Khalifa.

 ?? ?? Spekers at the event.
Spekers at the event.

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