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Nour Chamoun


Co-founder, Scopio Category: Origin: Lebanese Age: 28


averaging-in enables an investor to spread out the purchase of an investment into regular intervals and check if things are going in the right directions.

And the shopping cart strategy selects asset classes that are favored under various scenarios if one is already well-diversifie­d.

What in your view are the most preferred investment­s to make at the moment?

The world economy and financial markets are seeing recoveries at various speeds. The gradual end of lockdowns in most economies is likely to shift investor focus to the pace and scale of the economic recovery in H2 2020 and beyond. We remain positive on risky assets broadly, with a slight preference for corporate and emerging market (EM) bonds over equities.

We expect developed market high yield, EM USD government, and Asia USD bonds to benefit from a growth rebound and capped yields. US and Asia ex-Japan equities are likely to continue leading the rebound, but Euro area equities could catch up.

A significan­t surge in new COVID-19 infections, deteriorat­ion in US-China relations and the US election are key risks to the recovery. Adding exposure to gold and equity volatility strategies may be good ways to manage these risks.

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