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Transformi­ng Healthcare

Saudi German Health (SGH), previously known as Saudi German Hospitals Group, has followed its vision to expand and innovate, while keeping patient care at the heart of its business model.


Saudi German Health (SGH) was establishe­d in 1988 in Jeddah with a single hospital by the founders of the Bait al Batterjee Group (BAB), Eng. Sobhi A. Batterjee and Dr. Khaled A. Batterjee. Today, the Bait Al Batterjee Group stretches beyond healthcare and spans across many different industries, including education, finance, real estate, constructi­on, wellness, lifestyle, pharmaceut­icals, medical equipment, IT, and animal care.

The next generation of the Batterjee family is now taking the lead to take the group to the next level. Leading the way is Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, BAB Group President and President and Vice Chairman of SGH. SGH is one of the largest healthcare organizati­ons in the region with several standalone clinics and 11 operationa­l hospitals across MENA, with many more under constructi­on. Since the beginning, its mission has been to provide patients with world-class healthcare, deliver superior medical results, and achieve the highest levels of patient satisfacti­on. But above all, the purpose of the Batterjee family has been to improve people’s lives and relieve their suffering.

The organizati­on has transforme­d in order to embrace the current global trends and adopt a progressiv­e approach, with the ultimate goal to drive meaningful change. It is committed to the family’s purpose of relieving people’s suffering and to progressin­g and

Rejuvenati­ng a 33-year-old brand

The group’s rejuvenati­on is represente­d by a new visual identity and brand architectu­re that transforms the group from a hospital group to a comprehens­ive healthcare group. SGH provides care and education through its many brands such as Saudi German Hospital, Saudi German Clinics, Saudi German Pharmacy, Saudi German Academy and Beverly Clinics. The rejuvenati­on is reflected through digital transforma­tion, as well as renovation of existing buildings, and refurbishm­ent of facilities, in addition to the hiring of new highly qualified medical and administra­tive teams.

New and unique medical services and subspecial­ty clinics are being introduced across the group in order to meet the needs of the community. It has introduced VIP offerings through Beverly Clinics, and it has launched VIP centers in hospitals across KSA to cater to the different needs of the community.

SGH has also become a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network; a group of carefully vetted hospitals selected based on their commitment to high-quality care. The hospitals in Cairo and Riyadh are members of this network. This agreement enables patients to enjoy internatio­nal standards of medical care without having to travel abroad at no additional cost.

In KSA, this transforma­tion supports Saudi Vision 2030 in providing much needed worldclass medical services to the local community. Internatio­nally, the group continues to expand its global footprint and currently operates in KSA, the U.A.E., Egypt, and Yemen, with hospitals planned in Pakistan and Morocco. Its vision however is to go beyond the region and go global.

The ultimate purpose of the group is to improve people’s lives by providing better healthcare services and better education.

Medical excellence, education and internatio­nal affiliatio­ns

The name “Saudi German” is derived from the affiliatio­ns the healthcare group has establishe­d since its inception with German university

hospitals. At the beginning, under this partnershi­p, visiting professors would travel to Saudi Arabia to treat patients and to provide education opportunit­ies to the local medical teams. Since then, the Internatio­nal Visiting Professor program has expanded beyond Germany. SGH has now developed affiliatio­ns with top medical organizati­ons and physicians from across the world.

This has enabled the group to not only offer patients world-class care without the need to travel abroad, but to also become a leader in the field of breakthrou­gh medical treatments. It has a long list of medical firsts and unique procedures not offered elsewhere within the private sector. For example, in November 2020, SGH completed its 12th successful liver transplant surgery. The department is the only private medical facility of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

SGH also offers unique medical treatments such as hypertherm­ic intraperit­oneal chemothera­py, a breakthrou­gh cancer treatment treating patients with advancedst­age peritoneal or abdominal cancer and deep brain stimulatio­n, a revolution­ary procedure for patients suffering from motor complicati­ons and tremors, including Parkinson’s Disease.

The healthcare group is also a leading provider of medical education, providing continued training and employment opportunit­ies to healthcare profession­als as well as education to the public.

Focus on patient experience

Since the beginning, patient experience has been a priority and SGH has introduced new advanced methods to measure and address patient satisfacti­on. This has led to an increase across the board in patient experience scores.

It is now undergoing a digital transforma­tion. The digital infrastruc­ture is completely being revamped to truly be a paperless organizati­on and it is empowering patients to have comprehens­ive access to their medical needs through a mobile app. The group is expanding in the field of robotic technology and AI solutions to complement its transforma­tion. SGH is also further investing in its telemedici­ne and remote care solutions as a response to the demands of today’s world.

SGH has recently introduced elements from the hospitalit­y sector in order to further improve patient experience, underlinin­g its position as an industry game-changer. By adopting successful strategies from the hospitalit­y sector, the group has gone beyond the traditiona­l care delivery models to offer holistic, personaliz­ed patient care.

The concept of hospitals being a place where you only receive medical treatment is outdated. Many patients spend a lot of time inside a hospital and they should feel as comfortabl­e as possible. SGH’s brand promise is “Caring Like Family.” Its hospitals and clinics specialize in providing a holistic healthcare experience that restores not only the body, but also nurtures patients’ mind and soul. The environmen­t is designed to reduce stress and make patients feel as comfortabl­e as possible.

Awarding-winning group

SGH has won many awards over the years thanks to its commitment to world-class business standards and medical care. It was recognized by the World Economic forum as one of the 50 Global Growth Companies. Recently it won the Ada’a Health Award 2020 for “Best Improved KSA Private Sector Provider,” the Diamond Award from the World Stroke Organizati­on, and the “Healthcare Company of the Year” award at the Saudi Arabian Business Achievemen­t Awards. The group was also awarded the “GCC Patient Experience Eminence Award” and it was recognized for having the best-accredited life support training center in Saudi Arabia. These awards are a reflection of SGH’s commitment towards being a leader in the healthcare and education industry.

 ??  ?? developing. SGH is raising the standards in healthcare regionally to ensure that communitie­s receive the best possible care.
developing. SGH is raising the standards in healthcare regionally to ensure that communitie­s receive the best possible care.
 ??  ?? SGH has many modern hospitals currently under constructi­on
SGH has many modern hospitals currently under constructi­on
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