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I ex­pe­ri­ence se­vere feel­ings of dis­com­fort and low mood dur­ing my monthly pe­ri­ods. Please help.

AThere are a lot of things you can do to ease the dis­com­fort you feel dur­ing your men­strual phase. Here is a break­down of how you will feel be­cause of your hor­mones and how you should re­spond to them:

HOR­MONES: Your oe­stro­gen and pro­ges­terone lev­els are low. The lin­ing of the uterus, called the en­dometrium, is shed, caus­ing bleed­ing. When these hor­mones are low your mood and en­ergy lev­els will also plum­met.

MOOD: Since you are low on en­ergy, you will nat­u­rally be drawn in­wards and feel low. Dur­ing this time, gen­er­ally women have higher lev­els of delta brain­wave ac­tiv­ity that in­creases our need to want to rest and re­ju­ve­nate.

This is a good phase for you to let go of all the emo­tional bag­gage that does not de­serve you. Jour­nal­ing and spend­ing time cre­at­ing a vi­sion board is a great way to cope at this time. Ap­par­ently, both lobes of your brain are highly en­gaged with one an­other at this time, so do­ing some­thing cre­ative yet strate­gis­ing will feel more nat­u­ral.

FOOD: Go for warm com­fort­ing foods like soups made with root veg­gies such as car­rots and sweet potato. In­clud­ing a lot of iron-rich foods like eggs, se­same seeds and green leafy veg­gies to your diet to sup­port blood loss is a good idea.

Get­ting enough omega 3 will help re­duce cramps. Or­ganic herbal green teas can help too. Avoid re­fined sugar to pre­vent in­flam­ma­tion.

EX­ER­CISE: Since your hor­mones have dropped your en­ergy is low, so lis­ten to your body and en­gage in some light, easy ac­tiv­i­ties. Talk­ing a walk on the beach, pi­lates, kun­dalini yoga or a slow jog can be help­ful.

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