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Ev­ery jour­ney, I be­lieve, starts in our mind. A con­niv­ing trick­ster, our mind most of­ten be­haves like The Jun­gle Book’s Kaa, the slick, swash­buck­ling python. Think about it, just like the python, our mind too casts a spell – a spell of com­pla­cency, I say – and then just like the python, our mind too tight­ens its grip on our al­ready weak willpower, com­pelling it to sur­ren­der to its magic mantra: There’s al­ways to­mor­row.

And be­fore you even re­alise it, you are kick­ing the prickly sense of guilt out of the park and re­plac­ing it with over hyped con­fi­dence, hap­pily con­vinc­ing your­self with ‘I’ll take the ar­dous path to­wards achiev­ing my goals some other day, to­day I have other places to go and other plea­sures to ex­plore’.

This per­sis­tent state of lan­gour is our big­gest ob­sta­cle in the jour­ney to­wards our goals and dreams and our mind is re­spon­si­ble for it.

And for this rea­son, Mo­ham­mad Al Qas­simi is a hero. As you read his weight loss story on page 24, you’ll re­alise that this young man has not just kicked poor eat­ing habits and life­style choices out of his life to lose more than 125kg – more than half his ear­lier body weight – but given his at­ti­tude to­wards life a com­plete re­vamp.

His sin­cere ef­fort to get fit by stay­ing true to his strict regime, makes him an ex­am­ple

Our mind casts a spell of com­pla­cency, then it com­pels us to sur­ren­der to its magic mantra: There’s al­ways to­mor­row

for all those who start off with no­ble in­ten­tions but lose steam soon af­ter the pain, sweat and tears weaken their re­solve.

As we come to­wards the end of the year and could again be tempted by the prospect of draw­ing up a long list of res­o­lu­tions, I think we need to add ‘de­ter­mi­na­tion’ to the list too.

Let me know what you think.

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