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If you plan to ex­er­cise your calf mus­cles this win­ter with UAE host­ing a se­ries of long dis­tance runs, Hunter Foods, bronze spon­sors of re­cently con­cluded Dubai Women’s Run, of­fers par­tic­i­pants a guide­line on how to stay on track


There is a nip in the air and the sun has def­i­nitely mel­lowed down. And with UAE lay­ing down rub­ber tracks across the coun­try for those who wish to show their Fit­bits that they mean busi­ness, it’s time to bring out your run­ning shoes from hi­ber­na­tion and be an ac­tive part of the hec­tic run­ning sea­son that is about to take off.

While it is im­por­tant that you keep your mus­cles sup­ple and nerves calm 24 hours be­fore the big race, it is equally im­por­tant to eat right as well. Ex­perts from Hunter Foods, the bronze spon­sors of the re­cently held Dubai Women Run, share a guide­line on what you should be eat­ing lead­ing up to your big race.


Break­fast is key, start­ing the last 24 hours nu­tri­tion­ally fed and hy­drated should be your ob­jec­tive num­ber one.

Op­tion 1: Lizi’s Gra­nola, 5gm Hunter’s Gourmet Or­ganic Flax Seeds, 5gm Hunter’s Gourmet Or­ganic Chia Seeds, 5gm Hunter’s Gourmet Or­ganic Co­coa Nibs, ½ cup of full fat greek yo­gurt, half a fruit (ap­ple, kiwi, cle­men­tine). Op­tion 2: 2 slices Rye or Nor­lan­der bread or 2 pieces of Nairn’s Or­ganic Su­per Seeded Oat­cakes or Fla­ha­van’s Quick Oats with 1 spoon of peanut but­ter, 5gm Hunter’s Gourmet Or­ganic Wheat Grass pow­der dis­solved into 35ml-50ml of wa­ter, half a fruit (ap­ple, kiwi, cle­men­tine). Op­tion 3: 2 strips of Turkey Rash­ers, 2 eggs (any style), 1 slice of Rye bread or Nairn’s Or­ganic Su­per Seeded Oat­cake or Fla­ha­van’s Quick Oats, along with half a fruit (ap­ple, kiwi, cle­men­tine). Mid Morn­ing: Open a cold All Nat­u­ral Kam­bay King Co­conut Wa­ter of your choice. Hy­dra­tion is im­por­tant to build­ing your body to­wards ex­er­tion.


Feed­ing the body through­out the day is key. So it is im­por­tant to eat the right kind of pro­teins, fi­bre and carbs. A por­tion of grilled chicken, fish or tofu along with 1 cup of steamed mixed vegeta­bles such as broc­coli, cau­li­flower, green beans and car­rots and ½ cup of cooked Hunter’s Gourmet Or­ganic White, Red, Black or Tri-color Quinoa make for a sa­ti­at­ing lunch. Later on in the af­ter­noon, en­joy one fruit of your choice with half a cup of full cream greek yo­gurt, or a sugar con­trolled snack bar, prefer­ably higher in pro­tein.


It’s best to eat your din­ner be­fore 8pm. Af­ter all, you don’t want to feel heavy when you get up early next morn­ing to get ready for the race. Make a meal of pasta or Hunter’s Gourmet Or­ganic Quinoa; and a por­tion of pro­tein. We sug­gest chicken, fish or tofu in al­fredo sauce. En­joy this meal by open­ing your sec­ond cold bot­tle of Co­conut Wa­ter. This is a good mix of pro­tein, carbs and fat, to carry your body through to the fol­low­ing morn­ing.

Plus: Try to lay off the spicy food or food that you are not fa­mil­iar with, or that you have not pre­pared your­self. Your stom­ach may be sen­si­tive to cer­tain in­gre­di­ents.


Try to wake up at least 2 hours be­fore race time. Upon wak­ing, con­sume 1 large glass of tem­per­a­ture con­trolled wa­ter. En­joy Lizi’s Gra­nola or Nairn’s Su­per­seeded Oat­cakes. Sip on a Co­conut Wa­ter as you head to the event or a bot­tle of wa­ter. Try to limit your in­take within an hour of race time, to avoid un-nec­es­sary toi­let breaks.

Stretch well and en­joy your run, full nour­ished and hy­drated!

Lastly, and most im­por­tantly, have fun!

P.S. To en­sure you don’t go off track as far as your fit­ness goals are con­cerned, re­duce the amount of carbs you con­sume on days when you are not com­pet­ing.




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