It’s hard not to drive an M4 with­out a rather large smile per­ma­nently planted on your face. The BMW’s sub­lime dy­nam­ics, 425 horses and 550Nm of torque has that ef­fect, says wheels’ Im­ran Ma­lik


All the rea­sons why you should go out and buy a BMW M4. Right now.

Do your­selves a favour and go out and buy an M4 right now. You’ll thank me. I’m se­ri­ously con­sid­er­ing do­ing the same – the only lit­tle de­tail hold­ing me back is the fact I am just Dh425,000 shy of the Dh425,000 ask­ing price. Other­wise, this would be mine. I used to have a thing for the M2 which is se­ri­ously good – but given the op­por­tu­nity, I’d opt for this one. It got a bit of a nip and tuck this year with BMW re­tun­ing the sus­pen­sion and im­prov­ing the steer­ing feel, adding stan­dard LED head­lights and tail­lights and adopt­ing iDrive 6.0 tech­nol­ogy with touch-screen

dis­play. In fact, I would go as far as say­ing this is the best-pro­por­tioned Bim­mer on sale to­day, I love the sweep­ing roofline and low, wide stance.

It’s ever so ag­gres­sive; it has a front end fea­tur­ing a col­lec­tion of large scoops and vents that look like they could suck up slower mov­ing traf­fic and then spit them out of the ex­hausts. The iconic twin-kid­ney grille is present but the best lit­tle de­tail is per­haps the air ducts po­si­tioned be­hind the front wheels – they give way to a char­ac­ter line which stretches all the way back to the tail­lights.

What’s more, this is a mind-blow­ing per­for­mance coupe that prob­a­bly has far more po­ten­tial than most will ever get close to ex­plor­ing – un­less you have your own pri­vate au­to­bahn in your back yard.

Some have sug­gested that this high-per­for­mance two-door is a bit overkill and they may have a point be­cause it sure is wasted on the street. In fact, there were times dur­ing my test drive that I felt I was in­sult­ing its sheer ca­pa­bil­i­ties by keep­ing it un­der 120kph. At that speed, the sub­lime en­gine was barely even awake. This hot-rod­ded ver­sion of the 4 Se­ries com­bines in­cred­i­ble sport­ing ca­pa­bil­ity and lux­ury in one hand­some pack­age. It has the typ­i­cal M Di­vi­sion good­ies in­clud­ing big­ger brakes and more ag­gres­sive styling but at the heart of it all is a pow­er­ful twin-turbo in­line six-cylin­der and it’s this that’ll plant a rather large grin on your face.

The 3.0-litre is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch auto and makes 425 horses and 550Nm of torque, which the rear wheels just about man­age to han­dle. Power is one thing, but you’ve got to be able to trans­late that onto the road, and this is where the M4 shines. It is 80kg lighter than the pre­vi­ous gen M3 Coupe thanks in part to light­weight car­bon fi­bre roof and it han­dles with aplomb. The out­stand­ing agility al­lows you to hus­tle down curvy roads with your foot floored with the Ac­tive M dif­fer­en­tial work­ing its magic to help man­age the power de­liv­ery and the

Adap­tive M sus­pen­sion which keeps the Bim­mer glued to the road. There aren’t many sportscars that can bomb through curves with high-strung com­po­sure like this one does.

It has a mul­ti­tude of driv­ing modes and these can be in­tim­i­dat­ing at first sight but once you mix and match the set­tings for the steer­ing, throt­tle, sus­pen­sion, and trans­mis­sion and find your per­fect setup, the M4 be­gins to feel like a nat­u­ral ex­ten­sion of you – it’s al­most tele­pathic. You’ll have a ball with ev­ery­thing in Sport but you can dial it all up even fur­ther via the handy M but­tons on the steer­ing wheel. Around town and in Com­fort, the ride qual­ity is firm but it’s not un­com­fort­able and the sup­port­ive red leather seats mean you can sit be­hind the wheel for hours with­out feel­ing fa­tigued.

And, you wouldn’t have thought it but the M4 isn’t too bad when it comes to prac­ti­cal­ity ei­ther. It fea­tures a pretty de­cently sized back seat (it is adult friendly and has am­ple legroom) and it also has a gen­er­ous boot (445-litre) though the con­vert­ible vari­ant would eat up most of that when the roof is de­ployed and stowed.

In­side, the build qual­ity is flaw­less and it has some of that stripped-down, old-school charm of M cars of the past such as a good old man­ual hand­brake and an ana­logue in­stru­ment panel but there’s plenty of new-age tech and kit too in­clud­ing a re­vers­ing cam­era and driver-as­sis­tance fea­tures such as for­ward-col­li­sion warn­ing and lane-de­par­ture warn­ing.

Best of all, it has thun­der­ous ac­cel­er­a­tion cou­pled with in­cred­i­ble han­dling and that’s why you’ll buy this. I’m off to see if any­one will give me a loan...

It has de­sign fea­tures that look like they could suck up slower mov­ing traf­fic and then spit them out of the ex­hausts

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