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Cross­word and Su­doku brain-teasers.


1 Artist whose paint­ings in­clude Li­lacs in a Win­dow, The Cup of Tea, The Boat­ing Party and many por­traits de­pict­ing moth­ers and their chil­dren (7)

5 The call of a chaffinch; a fox-hunter’s scar­let jacket; or, a flower re­lated to sweet Wil­liam (4) 7 Turnip-like root veg­etable typ­i­cally roasted whole, puréed for soup or sliced into match­sticks with a man­dolin for re­moulade (8) 13 French au­thor who wrote a num­ber of ad­ven­ture nov­els in­clud­ing The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Mus­ke­teers and Twenty Years After (5)

14 French cap­i­tal, site of a Villa Wind­sor, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Wind­sor from 1953 un­til their deaths in 1972 and 1986 re­spec­tively (5)

15 Paired with sil­ver, pearls or co­ral in jew­ellery, an azure- or aqua-coloured min­eral of cop­per­rich ground­wa­ter seeps; one of the birth­stones for De­cem­ber (9)

16 Gen­eral name for pumper­nickel, a baked food of­ten flavoured with honey, black trea­cle or car­away seeds (3,5)

17 Im­pe­rial mea­sure of dis­tance based on the length of an av­er­age ploughed fur­row, mainly used in horse rac­ing (7)

18 Pas­time such as cards, Scrab­ble or tid­dly­winks; a flock of swans kept for plea­sure; or, deer, pheas­ants or other wild an­i­mals as food (4)

21 Pat­tern on tat­ter­sall cloth, a chess­board or Bat­ten­berg cake; or, an at­tack on an op­po­nent’s king in chess (5)

22 The brush of a vixen or her male coun­ter­part; or, the spikelet part of grass that can be harm­ful to dogs (7)

23 Loosely-tied coil of worsted yarn or wool; or, a flock of wild geese or swans fly­ing in a V-shaped for­ma­tion (5)

28 For­mer MasterChef: The Pro­fes­sion­als judge who took over his fa­ther and un­cle’s three­Miche­lin starred restau­rant Le Gavroche in 1991 (4) 29 Sweet, slightly spicy va­ri­ety of New Zealand eat­ing ap­ple; a hy­brid of a Lady Hamil­ton and a Granny Smith (8)

30 Her­bie Goes _______; one of the Walt Dis­ney Pic­tures ad­ven­ture films about a Volk­swa­gen with a mind of its own (7)

32 Aus­tralian state with the Great Bar­rier Reef stretch­ing some 1,200 miles along its coast­line (10)

33 Great spot­ted, lesser spot­ted or green in the UK, a bird re­lated to the wry­neck heard “drum­ming” on trees in wooded ar­eas, parks and gar­dens (10)

37 SS Great _______; Isam­bard King­dom Brunel’s steamship launched in 1859 (7)

39 Male per­former such as Buster Keaton, Evel Knievel or Jackie Chan (8)

40 Rope or wire brac­ing a ship’s mast (4)

42 Singer-song­writer who re­leased the solo al­bum Grace­land in 1986 (5)

43 The ___ ____ of Thread­nee­dle Street; nick­name of the Bank of Eng­land (3,4)

44 — Orig­i­nals; or­ganic food brand founded by the Prince of Wales that later part­nered with Waitrose (5)

49 Game on pony back played in a se­ries of chukkas; or, one of the Ralph Lau­ren Cor­po­ra­tion cloth­ing brands (4)

50 Type of African xy­lo­phone (7)

51 Name by which the Per­sian poly­math who wrote The Book of Heal­ing and The Canon of Medicine is known (8)

54 Co-founder of the Con­fess­ing Church who wrote the poem First they came ... (9)

55 The flower Syringa said to sym­bol­ise the first emo­tions of love; or, a colour sim­i­lar to pale vi­o­let or laven­der (5)

56 Ovens for bak­ing/dry­ing pot­tery, hops or bricks, or for cal­cin­ing lime­stone (5)

57 Bel­gian Sur­re­al­ist who painted Gol­conda, The Mys­ter­ies of the Hori­zon and oth­ers fea­tur­ing bowler hats (8)

58 Bur­row­ing an­i­mal with a vel­vety pelt de­picted in draw­ings by Char­lie Mack­esy; or, a chilli and choco­late sauce (4)

59 Ital­ian re­gion, cap­i­tal Florence (7)


1 Ev­er­green conifers, one of which is on the na­tional flag of Le­banon (6)

2 Gen­eral name for a some­times re­volv­ing belvedere, gazebo, pavil­ion or minia­ture thatched cot­tage for the gar­den (6,5)

3 Sum­mary/pré­cis of a book or ar­ti­cle (8)

4 Head ac­ces­sory worn by Cara Delev­ingne to the wed­ding of Princess Eu­ge­nie and Jack Brooks­bank (3,3)

5 Scot­tish ex­plorer of the Niger; or, the grounds of a large coun­try es­tate (4)

6 Easy-to-grow plant with ed­i­ble flow­ers, of­ten used as a pest-con­trol­ling com­pan­ion to roses and veg­eta­bles; or, the Latin name of wa­ter­cress (10)

8 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek peace god­dess (6)

9 Largest birds after os­triches (4)

10 _________ game; pro­posed name for what be­came known as the Tur­ing Test (9)

11 ______ work; needle­craft some­times called Ja­cobean em­broi­dery (6)

12 The Black ________; first in a se­ries of books for chil­dren by Wal­ter Far­ley (8)

19 Sec­ond wife of Henry VIII, por­trayed by Natalie Dormer in The Tu­dors (6)

20 Cur­rent host of Room 101 (7)

24 Lawn game played with mal­lets (7)

25 Coun­try with na­tional sym­bols in­clud­ing the sham­rock and Celtic harp (7)

26 De facto cap­i­tal of the Ivory Coast (7)

27 Birds known as fish hawks (7)

31 Au­thor of the au­to­bi­og­ra­phy I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (7)

34 Dutch artist whose works in­clude Peas­ants in a Tav­ern, An Al­chemist, The Pain­ter in His Work­shop and A Cob­bler (6)

35 Cook­ing uten­sils col­lec­tively (11)

36 In Arthur Ran­some’s book Coot Club, the chil­dren’s name for any one of the hol­i­day­mak­ers from the city (10)

38 Di­rec­tor and pro­ducer whose film Schindler’s List won seven Os­cars (9)

39 Strips of toast for soft-boiled eggs; or, linked with “toy” for col­lectable mil­i­tary fig­ures in minia­ture (8)

41 Sponge con­fec­tions baked in pa­per or foil cases, of­ten iced (8)

45 The per­son after whom a dis­cov­ery, in­ven­tion or place is named (6)

46 ______ Shoes; novel for chil­dren by Noel Streat­feild that was adapted into a film (6)

47 Long-legged pied wad­ing bird used as a sym­bol of the RSPB (6)

48 Scot­tish por­traitist who was a Prin­ci­pal Pain­ter in Or­di­nary to Ge­orge III (6)

52 In­dian word for cauliflower; or, the name of the largest desert in Asia (4)

53 Colour mixed with red to cre­ate pur­ple, or yel­low to cre­ate green (4)

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