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When a stun­ning, well toned Priyanka Cho­pra flicks her blind­ingly glossy mane and says ‘strong is beau­ti­ful’, all you can do is blink and be­lieve. Glam­our, star­dom and the catchy taglines of an ad­ver­tise­ment – even when it is for a hair­care brand – make for a po­tent cock­tail that gives you wings (your self-con­fi­dence def­i­nitely soars) and makes you be­lieve im­pos­si­ble is noth­ing.

OK, I am sound­ing cloy­ingly clichéd now, but that is the power of ad­ver­tis­ing. It in­flu­ences the mind and heart and has the ca­pa­bil­ity to con­vince that all it takes is a catchy catch­phrase to change the way you choose – from prod­ucts to habits.

Yet, how­ever il­lu­sion­ary the myth­i­cal world of ad­ver­tis­ing might be, when one sits back and pon­ders over some of what we see on bill­boards, telly or in print, there is a hint of real – it is what makes it so im­pact­ful. And in case of the hair­care ad with Priyanka Cho­pra I re­ferred to ear­lier, it is the words ‘strong is beau­ti­ful’ that had me think­ing, not so much the fact that Priyanka may/may not em­body those words.

As the cur­tains fell on 2018 and we con­tinue to rem­i­nisce and re­flect on all that we gained from its var­i­ous small and sig­nif­i­cant events, I can­not help but think about the #MeToo move­ment that raged across the world. It was a whirlpool of so­cial and cul­tural bile that brought forth ev­ery­thing from sick­en­ing mind­sets and prej­u­dices to abom­inable be­hav­iour and at­ti­tudes.

So, now as we step into the fu­ture, I hope

The #MeToo move­ment was a whirlpool of so­cial and cul­tural bile that brought forth sick­en­ing mind­sets and abom­inable be­hav­iour

slo­gans like strong is beau­ti­ful will help in elim­i­nat­ing the claus­tro­pho­bic stereo­types in the form of ob­jec­ti­fi­ca­tion and phys­i­cal­ity that not just con­sumerist me­dia and ob­nox­ious men prop­a­gate, but women im­pose upon them­selves.

For it is about time we cre­ate a new us – a lighter per­son with­out the weight of toxic and ar­chaic be­liefs.

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