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Cross­word and Su­doku brain-teasers.


1 The Mouse­trap cre­ator who wrote The A. B. C. Mur­ders, And Then There Were None and The Body in the Li­brary; one of the best-sell­ing au­thors of all time (8)

5 Teacher turned ac­tor re­mem­bered for Shake­spearean roles, parts in many films and as the voice of Padding­ton Bear and of Bad­ger in The Wind in the Wil­lows (7)

9 Slow-en­ergy re­lease ce­real grains used for a num­ber of recipes in­clud­ing por­ridge, flap­jacks, cranachan, bis­cuits for cheese or soda bread farls (4)

14 Ce­les­tial bod­ies mainly named after mytho­log­i­cal be­ings or Shake­spearean char­ac­ters with the ex­cep­tion of Earth’s only nat­u­ral satel­lite (5)

15 2005 film with Gwyneth Pal­trow and An­thony Hop­kins based on a Pulitzer Prizewin­ning play by David Auburn (5)

16 Known as a king among birds and weigh­ing around the same as a ten pence piece, the UK’s small­est bird (9) 17 Also known as lamb’s-tails, elon­gated flower clus­ters of hazel and other trees in­clud­ing wil­low, alder, wal­nut, white po­plar and sil­ver birch (7)

18 Scot­tish poet whose no­table works in­clude To a Mouse, Auld Lang Syne, A Red, Red Rose and Tam o’ Shanter (5)

19 De­rived from the name for a choral in­ter­lude be­tween odes in a Greek tragedy, gen­eral word for an in­stal­ment of a se­ri­alised tele­vi­sion/ra­dio pro­gramme (7)

20 Ital­ian city on the Adige, site of char­ac­ter Juliet Ca­pulet’s bal­cony (6)

21 Town in the Yonne de­part­ment in north­cen­tral France (7)

23 Most lu­mi­nous star in Cygnus and one of the bright­est in the night sky (5)

27 Nick­named “No rain city” be­cause of its low pre­cip­i­ta­tion, Peru’s cap­i­tal (4)

29 ________ sick­ness; moun­taineer’s con­di­tion caused by lack of oxy­gen that can oc­cur at heights of 8,000 ft or more (8)

30 Ital­ian river from which the phrase “point of no re­turn” de­rives; or, in pi­quet, a win be­fore an op­po­nent scores 100 (7)

34 Born Michelan­gelo Merisi, name by which the artist who painted The Card­sharps, The For­tune Teller, The Lute Player and Bas­ket of Fruit is known (10)

35 ____ ______ and Her Merry Men; Tony Robin­son’s con­tem­po­rary tele­vi­sual take on the leg­ends of Robin Hood (4,6)

38 For­mer pro rugby player mar­ried to Princess Anne’s daugh­ter Zara (7)

39 With James Nes­bitt, Fay Rip­ley, Hermione Nor­ris and oth­ers, a Mike Bullen com­edy drama se­ries based on cou­ples and re­la­tion­ships (4,4) 40 Wa­ter bird sim­i­lar to a moorhen known col­lec­tively as a com­mo­tion (4)

42 Depicted with two faces so as to look to the past and the fu­ture, an an­cient Ro­man god of be­gin­nings, door­ways and the New Year (5)

45 Pe­tals of a flower col­lec­tively (7)

46 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek brother of Europa who founded Thebes (6)

51 Aro­matic resin ob­tained from a lau­rel tree in the cin­na­mon fam­ily (7)

52 Au­thor whose novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was adapted into a multi Academy Award-win­ning film (5)

54 Town at the foot of the Pyre­nees; or, the first name of Madonna’s el­dest daugh­ter (7)

56 Artist noted for land­scapes of Venice and Lon­don in­clud­ing The Stone­ma­son’s Yard and The City Seen Through an Arch of West­min­ster Bridge (9)

57 _____ Milk Wood; Dy­lan Thomas drama (5) 58 One of the Balearic Is­lands (5)

59 Beast from the ____; nick­name for the cold spell and heavy snow­fall this year (4)

60 Eques­tri­ans rac­ing in silks and hoops (7)

61 Depicted in a Pis­sarro paint­ing, some 350 acres in Lon­don orig­i­nally es­tab­lished as a hunt­ing ground by Henry VIII (4,4)


1 Pe­ri­od­i­cal such as The Beano, Bunty, The Dandy, Ea­gle, Jackie or Jinty (5)

2 An an­i­mal of the Chi­nese zo­diac (7)

3 Pe­ri­ods of time mak­ing mu­sic in a record­ing stu­dio, for ex­am­ple (8)

4 Weights car­ried by race­horses as hand­i­caps; or, el­e­ments form­ing the pil­lars of ar­chi­tec­tural arches/vaults (6)

6 Colour sim­i­lar to navy; a va­ri­ety of cheese; or, a uni­ver­sity sports­man/woman be­long­ing to Vin­cent’s Club (6,4)

7 Va­ri­ety of bis­cuit eaten with a cup of tea or crushed for a cheese­cake base (9)

8 Cylin­der for curl­ing a lock of hair (6)

10 Wood _______; wind­flower found in dap­pled shade, also known as lady’s night­cap (7)

11 Gun dog re­sem­bling a large spaniel (6)

12 Some­thing a weaver does to raw fi­bres dur­ing the process of card­ing (4)

13 Word for a copy­ist or cal­lig­ra­pher (6)

20 Novel by Dean Koontz; or, the speed at which some­thing such as a car moves in a par­tic­u­lar di­rec­tion (8)

22 Coun­try whose cap­i­tal Port-au-Prince is named after a French-built ves­sel which moored there in 1706 (5)

24 Yel­low­ish colour tinged with olive (3,4)

25 First name of the re­tired pro­fes­sional road cy­clist nick­named “Wiggo” (7)

26 Ref­er­ences/ci­ta­tions at the back of books, usu­ally be­fore bib­li­ogra­phies (8)

28 In­gre­di­ent that can be blended with soy sauce to cre­ate teryaki-style dishes/mari­nades (5)

31 A ra­di­ant smile; a hor­i­zon­tal bar for gym­nas­tics; or, a struc­tural part of a roof (4)

32 The cap­i­tal of Egypt (5)

33 Ab­bre­vi­a­tion of an agency in Swansea that is­sues driv­ing li­cences (1,1,1,1)

36 _____ Aun­tie; ad­ven­ture story for chil­dren by David Wal­liams, adapted to stage (5)

37 Lon­don area once home to Vir­ginia Woolf and site of the Bri­tish Mu­seum (10)

39 In­ner work­ings of a de­vice stud­ied in horol­ogy; or, a novel by Philip Pull­man (9)

41 Mid­night-blue min­eral oc­cur­ring in lapis lazuli - the gem with gold flecks said to re­sem­ble stars in a night sky (8)

43 Ker­nels/nuts used for marzi­pan (7)

44 __ ____ and down dale; id­iomatic phrase mean­ing “here, there, ev­ery­where” (2,4)

47 Por­tuguese is­land; or, linked with “cake” for a mildly le­mony va­ri­ety of sponge (7)

48 Sta­lac­tite-like frozen pen­dant (6)

49 Imi­ta­tion cave in a gar­den or park (6)

50 Peni­cillin pi­o­neer who shared a No­bel Prize with Flem­ing and Chain (6)

53 Jedi master in the Star Wars films (4)

55 Nov­el­ist who wrote The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, A Far Cry from Kens­ing­ton and The Fin­ish­ing School (5) A su­doku grid has a 9x9 grid that is fur­ther sub­di­vided into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve the puz­zle, each of the rows, col­umns and 3x3 boxes should con­tain all the dig­its from 1 to 9. The so­lu­tion to this puz­zle will be pub­lished in next week’s is­sue. So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is Jan­uary 15. The win­ner of this cross­word will be an­nounced on Jan­uary 25. The win­ner of the De­cem­ber 28 cross­word is

SUB­MIT YOUR EN­TRY WITH YOUR CON­TACT DE­TAILS to Fri­day, PO Box 6519, Dubai, UAE or email them to gnppro­mo­[email protected] Win­ners need to col­lect their prize from the Gulf News Dubai of­fice. De­tails are sent to win­ners via email. En­tries are open to ev­ery­one, but win­ners have to be UAE res­i­dents.

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