According to Magdalena Kozlowska, the first step is to acknowledg­e and accept how you are feeling without being too hard on yourself. “Look for opportunit­ies to get support. It could be just talking to other people to kind of reflect and course correct. Or it could be getting therapy, which helps you build skills and insights that you’ll carry throughout your life.”

While you’re seeking support, an almost immediate step you can take is set boundaries “around work time, around personal time”. Magdalena says: “Be very clear about what you’re willing to do and what you’re not and stick by it.”

She also emphasises the need for continual self-reflection. “What you want; what’s ok for you, your values; as a teenager, at university, how do you like working — in groups or independen­tly? Are you ok with hierarchy? One’s journey always starts by looking inward.”

Rema Menon suggests being open-minded. “A growth mindset will enable one to adapt to change and this is imperative as change is a universal constant,” she says.

Another piece of advice is being open to seek help from colleagues, seniors or profession­als when facing challenges. “One does not need to always ‘grin and bear’ it,” she says, adding, “Refrain from taking on more responsibi­lity that you can handle. It is okay to say no if you already have a lot on your plate.”

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