A 2015 study in the Journal of Physiologi­cal Anthropolo­gy notes how tending to indoor plants supresses the fight-or-flight response in young adults, even stabilisin­g their blood pressure. Another proves how merely looking at greenery can induce positive emotions like comfort and relaxation, published in the American Society for Horticultu­re Science in 2016.

-Plants are the obvious balm to a life spent in concrete jungles. We’re indoors more often than not, exiting one building to enter another by the end of the day. Ask yourself – when was the last time you smelled the wet Earth and fresh blooms?

“I think it’s a really good idea to accessoris­e your house with plants – it’s an easier way of making your surroundin­gs more beautiful, instead of buying decoration pieces to fill up empty spaces,” he added.

‘But I live in a small apartment…’

Rest assured, you can still get the most out of plants, even if you parent two. That’s how Harly started out, in a small apartment and a couple of plants for company.

“All plant enthusiast­s start small…. Maybe it’s a plant that they received from their friends or family. And then once you see it thriving, you’ll be encouraged to add another one. We call it being bitten by the green bug – there’s no turning back, you’ll be hooked,” Harly said.

A studio apartment or even your room would be better off with a touch of green. As long as you have good lighting and temperatur­e, says Harly, you’re good to go. And plants can go anywhere; in your bathroom, the corridor, the entryway and even across walls. But décor hacks can come later, when we’ve levelled up. First, let’s begin with the basics of parenting a potted house plant.

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