For the Datars, this was a special Diwali

Twinkling lights, celebratio­ns, meeting friends, enjoying good food... For Dhananjay Datar, head of Al Adil Trading Company, Diwali, the festival of lights, is all this and more


For Dhananjay Datar, Chairman and Managing Director of Al Adil Trading Company, and his family, Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time to renew and strengthen familial bonds. Celebratin­g the Indian festival in all its pomp and splendour after two years of the pandemic, the family pulled out all stops to make sure this year’s festivitie­s would be truly memorable.

Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us how you celebrated Diwali.

For my family this was a very special Diwali. Our daughter-in-law, Akanksha, along with my wife Vandana Datar worked out various plans to make this Diwali celebratio­n special. We shared our joy and happiness with our loved ones. We exchanged gifts and sweets. This was indeed a time of celebratio­ns since all of us were coming together after a long gap. I loved meeting and exchanging pleasantri­es with my friends. I also exchanged my thoughts about Diwali to the younger generation. Over all, this Diwali helped to remove the darkness around us and ushered in good positive vibes, which I am sure will help all of us.

For many, the celebratio­ns this year were something they were looking forward to after the pandemic. How different was your celebratio­ns this year compared to the previous two or three years?

Celebratio­ns over the past few years were quite muted. The pandemic meant most of us had limitation­s when it came to meeting and interactin­g with our loved ones. So, this year’s Diwali celebratio­ns brought in great excitement. There was much joy and happiness. Houses were well lit with festive lamps, streets were full of people celebratin­g with friends and family members. For us this year was a time of celebratio­n and thanksgivi­ng.

What was the highlight of this year’s celebratio­ns?

The highlight was the presence of our daughter-in-law, Akanksha. It was her first time celebratin­g Diwali with us. Tell us how you usually celebrate

Diwali if you were in your hometown in India.

Celebratio­ns are quite different in my hometown compared to in Dubai. We exchange sweets and gifts. It is mandatory to take the blessings of elders in the family. In my hometown, traditions associated with Diwali are given utmost importance and all steps are taken to ensure that the celebratio­ns are in tune with them.

What special arrangemen­ts were made at Al Adil stores for Diwali?

For Indians, Diwali is one of the most important festivals - a time to recreate the Diwali magic in their home. At Al Adil, we had taken all necessary steps to ensure that our Indian friends enjoy the festivitie­s in all its fervor. We provided a range of beautifull­y designed diyas that added style and elegance when lit up. We also had pooja plates and other related items for this festival. As UAE’s leading name for Indian spices and masalas, we lined up more than 10,000 products to provide a spectacula­r Diwali Dhamakedar with big Diwali Bachata making this a season of great savings for all our customers.

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