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Twenty-six-year-old Patty Kienberger has been a resident of the UAE for the last five years. Pursuing a career in the constructi­on industry, she has always been a huge sports and outdoors enthusiast, and enjoys nothing more than staying fit and pushing herself to ‘become a better version of myself '.

Patty started cycling around two years ago. ‘I did some small triathlons as well as the half Ironman in Dubai and now I am focusing mostly on cycling since it brings me the most joy,' she says.

Excerpts from an interview: Why did you choose cycling?

I started cycling mainly thanks to my husband; it was the only sport he was allowed to do after his knee surgery.

What are the best things about cycling vis-à-vis your fitness goals?

My goal is always to become the best version of myself and to work on it every single day. There was never a particular event or race I had as a goal. As long as I get better I'm on the right way.

When did you start working out regularly?

I always worked out regularly because sport makes me feel good; I could definitely not live without it. As for cycling, I have been doing it regularly since around one and half years.

Which is better – working out alone or in a group or with a friend?

I love to work out with friends or in a group. It is always great to join groups and meet people who are passionate about the same things as you are.

How many hours do you work out on average a week?

I cycle between 10-18 hours per week, depending on my daily schedule.

What are the major changes you have noticed in your mental and physical well being since taking up this sport?

Cycling brings me a lot of happiness and joy and I am grateful for every single day I can spend on the bike. I often struggled in the past with my joints but since I started cycling I have way less pain since it is way more gentle on the joints than many other sports.

How do you keep yourself motivated to go exercising every day?

I am really passionate about cycling and I love to spend time outside. Besides that, I am really competitiv­e and love to become better and to see results. I guess it is also a big motivation when you are training with a great team or in a group because you always know people are waiting for you.

What is your diet on an average day?

I don't follow a particular diet. I just try to eat the right amount of food and to find a good balance of everything my body needs.

What 3 tips can you offer people to stick to an exercise plan.

I believe that you always need a certain goal in front of you which you are able to achieve.

Working out with friends or joining a group always makes it easier to go an extra mile especially when you have lack of motivation.

Never give up when it gets hard because one day it will get easier.

Do you switch exercise plans/sports during the summer?

I do change my plan during summer since it is off season during this period and no races take place.

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