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Not with your eyes, with your club­face

Golf Digest Middle East - - Contents - with ron kaspriske david lead­bet­ter, a Golf Di­gest Teach­ing Pro­fes­sional, runs 32 acad­e­mies world­wide. Pho­to­graphs by J.D. Cuban at the Con­ces­sion Golf Club, Braden­ton, Fla.

An easy ac­cu­racy tip for con­sis­tency. by david lead­bet­ter

Ev­ery bad re­sult in golf can be traced back to a root cause. If you’re strug­gling to hit ac­cu­rate drives, the is­sue is a lack of club­face con­trol.

Many am­a­teurs start their back­swings by whip­ping the driver way in­side the tar­get line and open­ing the face. From there, they re-route the club on a loop­ing path that comes into the ball from out­side the tar­get line—the clas­sic over-the-top move—with an open face in re­la­tion to the path. You can guess what hap­pens next. The ball slices right of the tar­get. If by some luck or last­sec­ond ad­just­ment they can close the face, the ball flies on a straight line but left of the tar­get. How many times have you heard an­other golfer get frus­trated af­ter set­ting up to hit a drive that flies left to right—and pre­sum­ably in the fair­way— only to see the ball go dead left and into the trees?

If a round of golf for you is con­stant guess­work of where the ball might end up, you can im­prove your ac­cu­racy if you fix the cause and con­trol the club­face bet­ter through im­pact. It starts by mak­ing a bet­ter take­away. No more whip­ping the club in­side. In­stead, pre­tend the club­face has vi­sion, and its job is to swing back while keep­ing its eyes on the ball. In the pho­tos above, my club starts squarely be­hind the ball and does not ro­tate open in the take­away. Copy this move. I want you to keep it star­ing at the ball as long as you can when you take it back.

What you’ll find is that this gets you to make a back­swing where your club, hands, arms and body all turn to­gether. This is the type of syn­chro­nised move­ment that al­lows you to con­trol the club­face. Ideally, it should re­turn to the ball fac­ing your tar­get, and your shot will fly straight. Even marginal im­prove­ments in club­face con­trol will re­duce the dis­per­sion of your off-line hits. You’ll be in play a lot more of­ten.

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