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If we’ve learned any­thing over the past decade, it’s high launch with low spin is key to max­ing driver dis­tance. Most ev­ery­day play­ers, how­ever, have a neg­a­tive an­gle of at­tack, with some hit­ting down­ward sev­eral de­grees. That causes a low, spinny tee shot—not great for pro­duc­ing dis­tance. Here’s a sim­ple fix: Ad­just your tee height. The peo­ple I play with in pro-ams tee the ball too low. You can’t pos­si­bly hit up on the ball if it’s only an inch off the ground. Tee it so two-thirds of the ball is higher than the crown of the driver ( above), and ad­just the ball’s po­si­tion so it’s in line with the big toe on your front foot. Now drop your right shoul­der slightly at ad­dress. You can see ( right) how this helps get it in the proper po­si­tion at im­pact. Th­ese sim­ple ad­just­ments at ad­dress will au­to­mat­i­cally im­prove your tee shots, and they’re so easy to make.

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