Which Type of Iron is Best for You?

Our test­ing re­sults will sur­prise you

Golf Digest Middle East - - Play Your Best Equipment - BY MIKE STACHURA

IF THE NUM­BER of iron cat­e­gories on the mar­ket has you con­fused, you’re not alone. We have ques­tions, too. For ex­am­ple: Do over­size su­per-gameim­prove­ment irons (SGI) re­ally hit it higher and far­ther than com­pact irons for bet­ter play­ers? Does an iron’s ben­e­fits change based on what kind of golfer you are? Should high­hand­i­cap­pers play only SGI irons? To find out, we com­mis­sioned a test by Club Cham­pion, the pre­mium club­fit­ting chain with 39 fa­cil­i­ties na­tion­wide. For the test, ev­ery hand­i­cap level (low, mid­dle and high) tested the three main iron cat­e­gories: com­pact “play­ers” irons, stan­dard game-im­prove­ment mod­els and su­per-size, ul­tra-for­giv­ing irons. First, the test showed the value of a club­fit­ting. Just get­ting the right cat­e­gory of iron in each golfer’s hands saw gains of 12 yards for the best play­ers to 18 yards for the 90s-shoot­ers. That’s right: higher hand­i­cap­pers ben­e­fited the most from find­ing the cor­rect irons. But it’s not only about dis­tance. Each level of player hit a dif­fer­ent clas­si­fi­ca­tion of iron the most con­sis­tently in terms of dis­tance and dis­per­sion. This is why Nick Sher­burne, founder of Club Cham­pion, be­lieves an iron fit­ting can be an at­ti­tude ad­just­ment. “We don’t move a golfer into an iron type based on their hand­i­cap,” he says. “It’s a mat­ter of see­ing what things you need and what kind of club works best.” And that means test­ing more than one cat­e­gory of iron. As you look at the lat­est de­signs here (from SGI irons on the left to play­ers irons on the right), our ad­vice is this: As­sume noth­ing, and be open to try­ing ev­ery­thing.

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