Make the club­head pass your hands

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You want to pre­sereve as much speed as you can af­ter the club­head en­ters the sand. To do that, you should straighten your trail wrist and let your lead wrist cup as your left arm gives way and moves to­ward your side ( left ). This will let the club­head sling past your hands. No­tice I’m not twist­ing the han­dle like a screw­driver. It’s mov­ing up­ward. I’m hit­ting the shot with a glanc­ing blow. A good tee shot with a driver has a smash fac­tor (ra­tio be­tween ball speed and club­head speed) of 1.5. In a good bunker shot, it ac­tu­ally will be less than 1.0, which means the club­head is mov­ing faster than the ball at im­pact. But trust me, that’s go­ing to pro­duce a bunker shot you’ll be proud of.

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