how well do you know the new golf rules to be in­tro­duced in 2019?

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1. when drop­ping a ball to take re­lief, you . . . a. can drop it from knee height b. must toss the ball over your left shoul­der c. should drop it when no one’s look­ing so you can pre­tend you found your first ball

2. the new time to search for a lost ball is . . . a. three min­utes b. thirty sec­onds, so you should prob­a­bly run c. how­ever long you like, so you should prob­a­bly pack a lunch

3. if a ball is moved by wind on the putting green . . . a. you can re­place it with­out penalty b. that’s the golf gods telling you it’s too windy to play c. head to the bar d. you are per­mit­ted to get down on your knees and try to blow it closer to the hole

4. the new rules for bunkers al­low you to . . . a. touch loose im­ped­i­ments in the bunker b. test the sand with a prac­tice swing c. ac­tu­ally, there will be no bunkers begin­ning in 2019

5. when putting, you may . . . a. leave the flag­stick in b. take the flag­stick out only on putts shorter than 10 feet c. take the flag­stick out only to joust with an op­po­nent

6. re­gard­ing call­ing in rules vi­o­la­tions seen on tv . . . a. your calls will no longer be taken b. your calls will be taken only if it will help rat­ings c. you should find some­thing bet­ter to do dur­ing com­mer­cial breaks

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