CHICKEN MENCHI katsu-sando

Good (UAE) - - GOOD FOOD -

makes 6 pieces

500g chicken mince 3cm gin­ger, grated 2 gar­lic cloves, grated

2 tbs chopped co­rian­der

1½ tsp fish sauce 1 tsp se­same oil ½ tsp su­gar

1½ tsp soy sauce 1 scant tsp corn­flour 300g panko bread­crumbs* 3 eggs, beaten 100g plain flour Sun­flower oil, to shal­low-fry

2 tbs tonkastu sauce*

4 slices white bread 1 tbs di­jon mus­tard 1 cup shred­ded white cab­bage 4 let­tuce leaves

1) Place the minced chicken, gin­ger, gar­lic, co­rian­der, fish sauce, se­same oil, su­gar, soy sauce, corn­flour and ½ tea­spoon each salt and pep­per in a bowl. Mix with your hands un­til well com­bined, then form into 2 pat­ties the same shape as the bread. 2) Place the bread­crumbs, egg and flour in sep­a­rate bowls. dip each patty in flour and egg, re­peat the process, then cover in the bread­crumbs to en­sure a nice coat­ing that will seal in the juices. 3) Heat 1cm oil in a fry­pan over medium heat. Shal­low-fry the pat­ties for 3 min­utes on each side un­til cooked through. drain on pa­per towel. Smother with tonkatsu sauce. 4) Mean­while, lightly toast bread slices and spread with di­jon mus­tard on 1 side. Top 2 of the bread slices with cab­bage and let­tuce. 5) Im­me­di­ately place pat­ties on top of the let­tuce, then top the sand­wiches with the other slices of bread. Trim the crusts, then cut each sand­wich into 3 slices, us­ing a skewer to se­cure. Serve on a plate, cut-side up.

*Avail­able in the Asian food sec­tion of su­per­mar­kets and hy­per­mar­kets.

For the best re­sults, ask your butcher to mince 500g chicken thigh fil­lets twice.

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