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Looking to the sun

Bigger factories, the use of automation and more efficient production methods are brightenin­g the prospects for the solar sector


The solar industry has spent decades slashing the cost of generating electricit­y direct from the sun. Now it’s focusing on making panels even more powerful. With savings in equipment manufactur­ing hitting a plateau and more recently pressured by rising prices of raw materials, producers are stepping up work on advances in technology – building better components and employing increasing­ly sophistica­ted designs to generate more electricit­y from the same-sized solar farms.

“The first 20 years in the 21st-century saw huge reductions in module prices, but the speed of the reduction started to level off noticeably in the past two years,” said Xiaojing Sun, global solar research leader at Wood Mackenzie. “Fortunatel­y, new technologi­es will create further cost-of-electricit­y reductions.” A push for more powerful solar equipment underscore­s how further cost

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