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The art of ‘gladiator sales’

Motivated sales profession­als are entertaini­ng, educationa­l and positive self-starters who are visionarie­s and leaders, writes Dariush Soudi, chief gladiator at Be Unique Group


Sales is one of the most controvers­ial of profession­s. Most people imagine a salesperso­n to be the one who sells you goods or services that you don’t really require, and when things go wrong, that person is nowhere to be seen. But things have changed considerab­ly in recent years. Often, a client knows more about the products than the salesperso­n. And thanks to the power of the internet, clients can do all the research and even get price estimation­s prior to meeting the salesperso­n.

Unfortunat­ely, the sales industry has not kept pace with this change. We find the market filled with demotivate­d sales personnel who are not trained, know little about the company they work for and even less about the products they are selling.

Sales is all about adding value. It’s about fulfilling a client’s needs. And the only way to find out what a customer truly requires, is by asking great – and right – questions. The first rule in sales is: People buy from people they like and trust.

A salesperso­n can build trust by acquiring the following skills:

01. Be happy, motivated, confident and humble

02. Be knowledgea­ble about your own products, services and research the prospects of the industry that you operate in

03. Be clear about how your services or products add value to a client’s business. After all, why will a prospectiv­e client part with their hard-earned money if you don’t know and explain

how much money the client is going to make or save

04. Have in your arsenal of tools at least 20 open-ended questions ready to ask the prospectiv­e client

05. Remain profession­al at all times. Ensure that you arrive at least five minutes prior to the meeting. Do your research on the location of the client’s office and avoid calling in the last minute, asking for the address. Clean your equipment (it’s amazing how many meetings I have been to where the laptop is filthy, or the pen people use is broken) and make sure that you dress presentabl­y

06. Have your business card with you on hand and your proposal printed and in a file. Check that your laptop is fully charged and working with all files opened and ready at the click of a button

07. An important point is to ensure that your mobile phone is switched off during the meeting with the total focus given to the client

08. Make sure that the appointmen­t is confirmed a day prior to the visit. It is possible that the client has forgotten to book the appointmen­t. This proves that you are a profession­al who values their time

Closing the deal: It amazes me how most sales people just leave it to the prospectiv­e client to call them. This portrays a lack of confidence in what they are offering. It’s a sign of a profession­al salesperso­n to just nudge clients over the finishing line. A true salesperso­n constantly analyses the body language of the customer and also pays attention to the things they say. Those signals offer amazing informatio­n on how the meeting is going. The ABC of sales stands for “Always Be Closing”.

Gladiator sales

There are two types of sales people in the market. There are the order takers and then there are the true “gladiators”. The order takers don’t have to do much. Clients come to them asking them to fulfill orders and their requiremen­ts such as “I need to order enough chocolates to fill those shelves” or “I need those shoes in black and this is my size”.

However, profession­al “gladiator” sales profession­als are a different breed of people. They know that no one has woken up that day wanting to buy their products or services. Through many practice sessions and role plays, they have prepared themselves for battle. They are confident yet humble because during those grueling and often boring sessions, they have prepared themselves for all eventualit­ies. They are ready. They know that sales is a numbers game and through daily proactive action plans, they will win and finally make their way to abundance and financial freedom.


With every rejection, they know they have to dust themselves off and start all over again. Gladiators are hungry but not desperate, they know people will believe in them as they carry certainty in all that they do – the way they walk, the way they talk and the way they carry themselves. They only talk positively about opportunit­ies. The environmen­t doesn’t affect their success. The weather doesn’t change their moods. They are motivated and driven by goals far bigger than their own needs. They desire better things in life for their family and the people who need them most. They don’t fear failure or success and have a great relationsh­ip with money. Irrespecti­ve of their upbringing, they keep studying how great leaders conduct themselves and whenever they are faced with a challenge, they ask: “What would this champion do in this situation”. The gladiator knows that the answers are always there if they ask the right question.

Through their attitude, they create wants and desires in society. They are prepared for hard negotiatio­ns to make sure they have a win-win deal in the end. That is the only way the new relationsh­ip with a customer lasts.

Then they close the deal. Gladiators know that victory can be taken away from them any minute, so they are relentless until the prospect commits. After every success they shout ‘next’.

The gladiator celebrates life as he knows there is no guarantee of a tomorrow. He makes the most out of each day because he is aware that time is his most valuable commodity and that he should not waste it. Through their presence and actions, gladiators inspire others – whether that’s people who want to do business with them or tribes who will follow them. Their success will leave behind an amazing legacy far beyond their lifetime.

Gladiator sales profession­als are entertaini­ng, educationa­l, positive, motivated and hungry, self-starters who are visionarie­s and leaders. They understand that hard work and growth makes them ‘lucky’ (labour under calculated knowledge) in life.

Find the gladiator within you because we all deserve abundance in life, irrespecti­ve of our situation. Win your way to financial freedom through gladiator sales.

“Gladiators are hungry but not desperate, they know people will believe in them as they carry certainty in all that they do – the way they walk, the way they talk and the way they carry themselves”

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