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We look at industries that will be booming in 2032 and how you can leverage the opportunit­ies they offer


Maybe you’re starting a business today. Maybe next year. Or perhaps you are already trading, but you’re wondering if it’s time to pivot. The question is: What will the business landscape look like ten years from now, and is there a chance to get ahead of the game?

First things first: You would be hardpresse­d to find a country that does more future planning than the UAE. In fact, there simply isn’t space to detail every initiative the country has put in place in terms of outlining its goals for the next decade and beyond. Added to that, is the relentless drive by the government to encourage SMEs and boost the culture of entreprene­urship.


Worldwide, sustainabi­lity is the buzzword. But it’s no trend. From the US and the UK to the UAE, innovation around sustainabi­lity is key in powering the future economy.

Back in 2012, the Green Economy Initiative was launched with the aim of the UAE becoming a successful model for how the new green economy might look. Alongside easing environmen­tal concerns, its purpose is also to enhance the country’s competitiv­eness. All this means that UAE is an ideal place to locate your business to supply green products or technologi­es.

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