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Engineer pleads guilty to consensual sex with maid

43-year-old denies raping 40-year-old woman

- BY BASSAM ZA’ZA’ Staff Reporter

An engineer pleaded guilty to having consensual sex with his Filipina housemaid, who alleged that her sponsor raped her while his wife was at work.

The 43-year-old Indian engineer, M.M., denied the 40-year-old housemaid’s, L.B., ‘ fabricated statement’ before the Dubai Court of First Instance. He told presiding judge Mahmoud Al Sharshabi that he didn’t rape the claimant but they had consensual sex.

The Public Prosecutio­n charged the defendant with forcing his housemaid to her bedroom and raping her when his wife was away.

L.B. said, in her statement to the Public Prosecutio­n, that the incident happened around 7.30am when she was taking care of her sponsor’s child. “After the wife left the house, my sponsor came up to me, pulled me to the bedroom and raped me. Then he returned to his room, changed his clothes and left for work after locking me up...,” she claimed.

Police records said the wife returned home at 3.00pm and the Filipina handed her the child and ran away to the Philippine­s Consulate.

Consulate officials escorted her to the police station. “I tried to resist and stop him from raping me. I was afraid that if I yelled, he might beat me,” she said in her police statement.

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