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Man gets two years in jail for car accident

The accused was drunk and fled the scene

- BY BASSAM ZA’ZA’ Staff Reporter

A drunken driver who tried to blame his friend who died in a car accident after they were both thrown out of the vehicle which overturned twice will spend two years in jail.

The Dubai Traffic Court of First Instance fined the UAE national, identified as S.M., Dh11,000. Presiding judge Jasem Mohammad Ebrahim ordered him to pay Dh200,000 in blood money to the family of his friend, H.H.

The Traffic Public Prosecutio­n charged the accused with speeding, reckless and drunken driving and escaping from the accident scene before police arrived.

The driver claimed, in his statement, that the victim was driving the car when it flipped over in the Al Khawaneej area. “I was drunk when the car flipped over and we were thrown out. H.H. was driving the car and when I called him after the accident, he didn’t reply. I left the site because I was drunk and didn’t want the police to arrest me,” said S.M.

Interrogat­ions by the Criminal Investigat­ion Department (CID) revealed that the accused was driving the car when the accident occurred. After confrontin­g him with the findings, the defendant retracted his initial statement and said, “H.H. was sitting beside me. I was surprised by a steep curve while driving under the influence of liquor. I lost control over the steering wheel.”

Following the drunken driving accident, Salah Abu Farrousha, Head of the Traffic Public Prosecutio­n said they encountere­d 907 cases of drinking and driving accidents in 2006.

He told Gulf News, “Since the beginning of 2007, we referred to court more than 290 cases of accidents caused by drunken drivers.

“Meanwhile, we have recorded a total of 1156 traffic cases since this year’s beginning and until March 26.” Recent statistics showed that there were 431 traffic cases in January, 402 in February and more than 335 cases in March.

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