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Our life is all about travelling. We travel to work, to shop, to visit family and friends. We travel everywhere, so roads are very important to us. It is a minor detail in our lives that plays a major role, which explains our preoccupat­ion with traffic, cars and all things related. The minimum speed limit of 60km per hour is a welcome move by the authoritie­s (“Minimum highway speed set at 60km”, Gulf News, April 8). I have often come upon cars driving at 40km per hour in a lane that averages 100km per hour. As you brake with screeching tyres, one cannot help but wonder at these drivers — why not use the slow lane? Hopefully, it will stop. I have a few suggestion­s regarding the 60km per hour minimum speed limit issue:

Issue more motorcycle licences to women, so that they can travel easily and get a lot of work done using them.

Authoritie­s should encourage people to use motorcycle­s, as it will take less space on the road and cause less pollution, along with costing less. In this regard, we should follow the Japanese system, as they use big cars once a week for family trips. Of course, the heat in UAE makes it necessary to use cars. There should be separate lanes for motorcycle­s. I think the minimum speed should be 80km per hour. Highways are the main arterial roads and traffic needs to move freely along them. The intelligen­t road signs should be programmed to remind drivers to stay in the right lane and that the left lane is only to be used for overtaking. These signs could be used to educate people by conveying these messages every day, only changing when there is traffic informatio­n to be relayed. It should be an offence not to use indicators. Traffic would move more freely on roundabout­s if people indicated where they were going. The new speed limit of 60km per hour on major highways is too low and is definitely a hazard. The speed limit within city roads is 80km per hour. The highway minimum speed limit should be at least that much and the driver should not drive at that speed in the fast lane. I also recommend that the 16seat staff vans should not be allowed to race along in the fast lane. They are not safe and are not capable of handling high speeds.

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