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Regarding the new minimum speed limit of 60km per hour, it is all good reading, but most of the slow-moving traffic is due to heavy trucks whose average speed at any time is around 40km per hour, and the volume of these heavy vehicles is very high, causing congestion. These heavy vehicles ignore the timings when they should not be on the roads. To expect the traffic jams to disappear is just a dream. Most of Dubai's roads are good; some areas just require correction­s such as single lane entry and exit from three- to four-lane highways, as this will always cause a traffic jam. The 60km per hour speed limit should be imposed after 2009, once the Metro project is completed. Today the situation is that in every corner of Dubai digging is going on because of which there are huge traffic jams. The authoritie­s should take into considerat­ion the fact that only after a certain phase of developmen­t of our beautiful city is over, should the minimum speed limit rule be imposed. The 60km per hour speed limit is a very good move from the Roads and Transport Authority. I often see slow-moving cars on the roads, which force other drivers to overtake and cause problems.

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