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Danish man gets jail for inciting terrorism

Mansour’s conviction is first under new law


A court in Copenhagen yesterday sentenced a Moroccanbo­rn Danish man to three and a half years in prison for promoting terrorism, the court said.

The conviction of Said Mansour, 46, was the first under tightened anti-terror legislatio­n adopted by Denmark in 2002 in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

He was arrested in September 2005 on charges of incitement to terrorist acts.

He was specifical­ly accused of having produced and distribute­d some 12,000 CDs, DVDs and videos, containing speeches and chants where people linked to terrorist organisati­ons called for jihad and praised extremists.

Propagatin­g material

The material, recovered from Mansour’s house and car as well as markets, was produced between June 7, 2002 and September 8, 2005. He was also accused of propagatin­g material calling for the killing of Jews, described as “monkeys” and “pigs”.

The court said in its ruling that Mansour’s activities “can be considered general, profession­al advice to terror groups in re- lation to Al Qaida and groups inspired by Al Qaida that have the intention of committing terror acts.”

It also found that he had made anti-Semitic statements.

The court said there was no proof that any attacks had actually been carried out, but noted as an aggravatin­g circumstan­ce that Mansour’s activities had been directed at young people.

Mansour, 46, maintained his innocence throughout the trial, which opened in November. He faced a maximum of four years in prison.

Intelligen­ce services throughout Europe had the suspect under surveillan­ce since 2001.

He allegedly had contact with the head of the Spanish branch of the Al Qaida network and met Abu Qutada — a key figure involved with Al Qaida financing in Europe — in London, Danish media reported. He was also the registered user of a postal box in Denmark in the 1990s for Al Qaida number two Ayman Al Zawahiri according to the press.

Mansour boasted of having personal contacts with Shaikh Omar Abdul Rahman, who is serving a life sentence in the US.

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