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Bill Gates ‘eyes flight into space’


The world’s richest man Bill Gates is considerin­g a possible flight into space, a Russian cosmonaut said from Internatio­nal Space Station yesterday, citing Gates’s colleague, current space tourist Charles Simonyi.

“Charles said that Bill Gates is also preparing to visit space,” cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin told journalist­s during a video link-up from the space station, broadcast on state television Rossiya.

“So the next time someone will be with Bill Gates. For me this is the biggest surprise of our flight.”

Space Adventures, the US-based company that organises the trips, said it had heard nothing from the Microsoft chairman about a possible flight.

“Space Adventures has had no contact with Bill Gates,” spokeswoma­n Natalya Dedovets told AFP. Simonyi, Yurchikhin and fellow cosmonaut Oleg Kotov docked at the Internatio­nal Space Station on Monday, after a flight that cost the former Microsoft engineer $25 million (Dh91.75 million).


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