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Science ‘too narrow to explain creation’

Darwinist theory of evolution is not completely provable, says pope


Pope Benedict, elaboratin­g his views on evolution for the first time as Pontiff, says science has narrowed the way life’s origins are understood and Christians should take a broader approach to the question.

The Pope also says the Darwinist theory of evolution is not completely provable because mutations over hundreds of thousands of years cannot be reproduced in a laboratory.

But Benedict, whose remarks were published yesterday in Germany in the book Schoepfung und Evolution ( Creation and Evolution), praised scientific progress and did not endorse creationis­t or “intelligen­t design” views about life’s origins.

Those arguments, proposed mostly by conservati­ve Protestant­s and derid- ed by scientists, have stoked recurring battles over the teaching of evolution in the United States. Some European Christians and Turkish Muslims have recently echoed these views.

“Science has opened up large dimensions of reason ... and thus brought us new insights,” Benedict, a former theology professor, said at the closed-door seminar.

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