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President sets up office in hospital suite

Arroyo is high spirited and happy that most critical part of husband’s operation is over — doctor


President Gloria Arroyo set up a mini office in a presidenti­al suite at the St Luke’s Medical Centre in suburban Quezon City, where her husband Jose Miguel is recuperati­ng from an open heart surgery, a doctor said.

“She is holding office upstairs. She’s high spirited and happy that the most critical part [of her husband’s operation] is over and she opted to stay,” said Dr Juliet Gopez-Cervantes, the president’s private physician.

Arroyo’s office, establishe­d at the visitors’ area of her husband’s large presi- dential suite, is complete with a wired personal computer, fax machine, and printer, said Dr Cervantes.

“President Arroyo divides her time between prayer and the uninterrup­ted tasks of leadership as well as looking after the welfare of the people,” explained Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye.

She has also delegated her public appearance­s to VicePresid­ent Noli de Castro and other top officials.

President Arroyo also welcomed Dr Alex Yap, a personal physician of the First Family, who flew in from San Francisco. Dr Yap said he came to observe Mr Arroyo, Dr Cervantes told reporters.

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