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Man cuts off tongue to please deity


A Hindu farmer cut off his tongue to propitiate a deity in a northern Indian temple, police said yesterday.

“I have vowed that if my desire is fulfilled, I will offer my tongue to the Kali deity,” Suresh Kumar, in his 20s, said in a written statement to police.

He didn’t mention his wish in the statement, said Zahid Manhas, a superinten­dent of police.

After praying before the idol of the deity on Tuesday, Kumar took out a knife, slit his tongue and gave it to the head priest to offer it to the deity, said Bitta Pujari, the head priest of the Bahu Fort temple.

The Hindu temple is on the outskirts of Jammu, the winter capital of India-administer­ed Jammu and Kashmir state.

In Hindu mythology, Kali is a deity of death and is seen killing demons.

Police took him to hospital as he bled profusely, said Manhas.

Doctors stitched his tongue, but it was not immediatel­y known whether he will be able to speak again.

Police have registered a case charging him with an attempt to commit suicide, said Manhas.

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