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Fees on expired trade licences being waived

RAK authoritie­s ask holders to come forward

- BY NASOUH NAZZAL Staff Reporter

The Economic Developmen­t Department said those who have held commercial licences for three years that have now expired will be pardoned from settling any related fees and fines.

A senior official at the department said holders can get their licences cancelled without fear of risking a heavy fine.

The official stressed that the grace period is only valid until December 31 and only for non-nationals.

The official said holders of expired commercial licences should only refer to the emirate's Court, Labour Department and the Naturalisa­tion and Immigratio­n Department to ensure their expired commercial licences do not sponsor over staying employees or violators to the UAE immigratio­n laws.

The official stressed that the holders of expired commercial licences should provide the department with notes of these three department­s and can instantly get the commercial licence cancelled for free.

The official added that the move was decided to enable the e-archiving of the commercial licences at the department and give a chance to the holders of the expired commercial licenses in the emirate to fix their status for free.

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