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DGCX first exchange to launch Indian rupee futures contracts

Derivative­s will begin trading in June with minimum $2 contract

- Staff Report

Dubai Dubai Gold and Commoditie­s Exchange (DGCX) will list a futures contract on the Indian rupee in mid-June, making it the first exchange in the world to trade a rupee derivative.

DGCX already trades in three currency contracts such as euro/US dollar, pound sterling/US dollar and Japanese yen/US dollar in addition to three commoditie­s futures contracts such as gold, silver and fuel oil.

“The DGCX rupee contract can be viewed as a natural extension of the non-deliverabl­e forward (NDF) inter-bank market that already exists in various financial centres. The DGCX futures market does, however, have advantages over the NDF market, such as transparen­cy of price discovery and the benefits of centrally cleared market positions,” said Colin Griffith, DGCX Chairman and Executive Director of the DMCC.

The rupee contracts will be non deliverabl­e in rupees while the settlement­s will be done in US dollars.

“The purpose of this contract is efficient price discovery rather than actual delivery based settlement­s. Rupee futures contract will be of use to traders banks and remittance agencies,” said Griffith.

Each DGCX Indian rupee contract represents Rs2 million. Prices will be quoted in US cents per Rs100, with a minimum price fluctuatio­n of $0.000001 per Rs1 ($2 per contract).

At any point in time DGCX will list the current and next two calendar months, plus the next calendar quarterly month. Further delivery months will be added as market liquidity grows.

DGCX was the first futures exchange in the Middle East, and it currency contracts were the first exchange-traded currencies in the region

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